Lighting Controls

Lighting Control provides ease of use through scenes, app control and remote access, peace of mind with Away Mode and automatically turning lights on when you approach home, and energy/money savings by dimming lights.

Lighting Design

Lighting design mixes ambient, accent, and task lighting to create a more comfortable living space, provide drama and contrast, and to highlight the surfaces, finishes, and artwork you’ve invested in.

Fixture Sales

Lighting fixtures must work in concert with the control system and design. Using fixtures that are appropriate for the job ensures you get the best quality of light in the proper location.

Design & Documentation

Documentation enables effective communication among all parties and helps to ensure that the client’s expectations are achieved. Proper documentation reduces errors and saves time during installation.

Dan Wallace


Having a B.B.A. in Finance from U.T., Dan transitioned from banking to the luxury home automation industry in 2008. Advancing from Technician to Lighting and Shade Specialist to business owner, he’s gained a deep knowledge and appreciation of lighting control, design, and fixtures. He understands how these work together to create a unique homeowner experience and prides himself in coordinating among trades to ensure a quality client outcome.

Dan is certified by the American Lighting Association as a Lighting Specialist and has designed Lighting Control and Motorized Shading Solutions that have received awards from CE Pro and Lutron.

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